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Whatever your landscape lighting needs are,
know that we have a solution for you,
and will do it right the first time.

Installation: Residential/Commercial; We install systems from 5 lights, to 200+. No job is too small. We are careful installing in the turf, plants, and trees, as well as decks, hardscapes, ponds, etc.

Design: We offer designs as well as re-designs using your existing system and extending the infrastructure to flow with your current and growing landscape.

Repairs: We service any and all low voltage lighting fixtures. We DO NOT service 120 volt or line voltage systems. You must be a licensed electrician to service and install line voltage fixtures.

Audits: We offer audits as a way of finding out how much you spend on energy and what they would be using LED's, an overview of your system and notes on the condition of; fixtures, transformers, timers, connections, cable, etc... and offer solutions to fix any problems.

Maintenance: We offer flexible maintenance packages to suit your needs. Weekly to yearly.
Keep your system running right for decades with a simple maintenance package.

Smart Control: We offer multiple options for you to control your system. Most people are getting away from the old "turn style" timers and photocells, and are now using their phone to control times, zones, intensities, colors, and more. We can find the right control for your needs.

LED Upgrades: Upgrading to LED's from halogen lamps is easy and definitely the way to go green. You will notice a difference in your energy bill, as well as your wallet! LED's typically last between 5-15 years at a life expectancy of 30,000-50,000 hours.