Here's a top 10 list of the most asked questions regarding landscape lighting.

Q: Do LED's attract the bugs like regular bulbs?
A: Not really, there is definitely a noticeable difference between the 2. I would say like a 80% reduction of bugs.

Q: How much energy and money do I really save with LED's?
A: Savings can range from 60-90% depending on types of bulbs used and quantity of fixtures. Let's say you have a 15 light system. With halogen bulbs totaling up to 800 watts, running 8 hours a day, for a month costs you $xxx.xx. Same scenario with LED's but using only 185 watts, costs you $xx.xx a month, saving you $xxx.xx a year!! That doesn't include the costs of replacing the lamps every year, which is around $xxx.xx. Add that to the costs your saving and you have saved over $xxx.xx!!! 

Q:  Do LED's mess with my home electronics like a garage opener, dog fence, security system, etc.?
A: No, they used to when they first hit the market. They would trigger garage openers because they were on the same frequency. They have since then added bandwidth filters to solve this problem.

Q: Will animals chew the cable?
A: No, but they may if the cable is on the surface. As long as it is buried, it will be fine. They don't go looking to dig holes to sabotage your lighting :)

Q: Will adding lighting to my home increase safety or security?
A: Yes, it definitely will. Having a well lit home detours burglars from wanting to attempt. They can be seen in the light, or make shadows that can catch attention. Dark homes with bad lighting is a lot easier to not be seen. Adding some safety lighting for areas that are hard to see like stone steps, decks, stairs, transitions to height changes, or even adding down lighting along the driveway to see at night especially if you don't get any light from a street lamp.

Q: What kind of warranty do you offer on your products and services?
A: We are confident in our systems that we offer a 3 year warranty on all installations. 90% of other guys will only give you a year :(
typical warranties on fixtures range from 5 years to lifetime, transformers are 10 years to lifetime, and parts are 1 year.

Q: How much does a lighting systems cost?
A: That is hard to say, all landscapes and homes are different, the amount of lights needed varies on the design and what you would like to achieve. I like to tell customers to budget for around 175-250 per fixture installed with everything. Color changing or zone and dimming systems range from 350-450 per fixture installed. We have other options that will help fit your budget. We can also work in phases to help alleviate the cost of it all, front yard one year, back yard the next. We will plan for the future of your system.