Connections are the most critical point of the installation, they are usually the cause and effect of why systems go bad or don't function properly. We only use the best...and that is LIGHTINGSHRINK. These are the most reliable, water-proof, and strongest connections on the market! Most guys don't want to use them because they take longer make the connection. I don't mind spending an extra 45 seconds to ensure that it will last, and I don't have to come back to service a bad connection that should have been done right the first time.


We only use cable that's guaranteed with 0% defects, and offer you a lifetime warranty! This cable from SUPER FLEX can handle any weather. Most inferior cables have very weak jackets and too much filler in them, that causes the jackets to crack, hold their shape like a "coiled telephone cord", non-cooperative while installing or as the landscape is growing.
We also add 3'-5' of extra cable at each fixture if needed, to allow for them to move or breathe with the landscape as it grows and changes. Lights against walls or large established trees don't really need it, so we can help save a few dollars on installs.


A majority of service calls are from the landscapers cutting a wire somewhere. Most of the time, if they did any edging, that's where the break will be. To fix this from happening, and saving you a phone call and a bill to dispute with your landscaper, we install PVC or conduit sleeves at all transition and edge points. This way we know your protected and so is the cable & integrity of the system.


A lot of our competitors will install a system and it works, but a few months or years down the road, you will start having issues. This can be caused by not properly balancing the power load, or not calculating the voltage drop which causes bulbs to blow or be really dim. You will be given a map with placements and all calculations on it to show you that your system is in fact, tight and right.

• 24/7 SUPPORT •

If you need help, we are here for you. Even if it's midnight, and your lights are off, and your having a party, and need them on ASAP.
We can either walk you thru it on the phone, or be on the road within 15 minutes. Or maybe it's 6am in the morning, your drinking coffee and the sun is up but your lights are still on....either way, we are here to help.